1.         If sufficient teams enter the competition, then a Knockout competition will be run. If there is insufficient then a Round-Robin competition will be run, however the rules of the matches will be the same. 

2.         All rounds will play for 2 hours or to the completion of the required number of ends per match. The rinks fees are the standard £2.50 except in the Knockout final where no rink fees are paid. All matches must be played by the ‘BY’ or ‘ON’ date.  

3.         Challenger and Opposition.   The person shown at the top of a team list is considered to be the initial contact when arranging matches. The Home team is the Challenger and they are to produce 3 dates and times for the match to be played, (see sub-paragraphs below for exceptions) and inform the Opposition within 5 days of the official start date of the round. The Challenger must give One Weekday with a time between 0930 and 1830, One Weekday evening, time after 1830 and One Weekend between 0930 and 1630. The Opposition is to agree to one of the dates given by the Challenger within 3 days of receipt of the dates.

If the Challenger has not complied with the 5 day rule, the Opposition then becomes the Challenger and will provide 3 dates/times to the former Challengers, now called the Opposition, on the day immediately after the initial 5 days and the Opposition must respond within 3 days. If no response is made by the Opposition, then the new Challengers can claim the match.

Exceptions regarding dates and times are as follows:

            a.         If the Opposition are known to have team members that work, then the Weekday between 0930 and 1830 must be changed to an evening match after 1830. If the Challengers are unaware at the time of members working in the opposing team, then they must still provide a time after 1830 once they have been informed and within 24 hours.

            b.         Where an Opposing team member is already committed to a National/County/Representative (which includes Inter-Club Friendlies) or Club league match at the same time as one of the dates/time given, then an alternate date/time must be made, be it a Weekday or Weekend as originally given. If a team member becomes committed to a former, after a date is agreed, then a replacement/substitution is required to ensure the match is played on the agreed date.

            c.         To ensure that a match does take place, if any member of a team is required to play two matches in one day, then that will have to happen.

            d.         There is sufficient time during rounds for a match to be organised and played. On average there is 3 to 4 weeks between rounds. It is important that teams clearly record the dates/times given in the event of any dispute.


Booking of rinks.    Book two rinks to enable the competition to be played. If at any time the match is known to take longer than 2 hours, then you are to do the following:
a.         Book two sessions.

            b.         If you require rinks in an Open Drawn league or Fixed league session, then contact the organiser for permission to use a rink first. The match fixture will be removed if permission has not been granted.

            c.         If two sessions cannot be booked and the expected time will go beyond 2030 hours, firstly see if the duty steward is prepared to stay or be available to lock up when the match is completed, or secondly, arrange with some other person who has access to the club keys to lock up.

            d.         If para c above cannot be arranged, then arrange a date when a steward is availableto cover closing the club.

            e.         if at the end of the Competition match, there is a tie and a result is required, then a further end will be played to obtain a result and this will be the only time an encroachment into the following session will be permitted.

Team composition, replacement and substitution

4.         Each team will comprise a minimum of 5 players with a minimum gender difference of one gender and four of the opposite gender in any one match. The team captain will select the team and submit their names showing those playing in each of the games to the Competition Secretary prior to the commencement of the first game.

5.         Replacement.   Where a player who entered the competition initially is unable to play prior to the commencement of the first round of the competition, then the Team Captain may find a replacement of the same gender and same bowling ability. The Competitions Secretary must approve any replacements. The original named player may re-join the team in the competition as a substitute, however they are not permitted to join any other team in the competition.

6.         Substitution.   If a member of the team is substituted after the first round of the competition:
a.         The substitute must be the same gender as the one being replaced.

            b.         The substitute must be the same bowling ability as the bowler being replaced.

            c.         The substitute will be a named bowler for the bowler being replaced

            d.         The Competitions Secretary must give approval prior to the substitute playing.

There can be a maximum of 3 substitutes within the team, however at anyone time a substitute cannot bowl at the same time as the original named bowler whom they replaced. The minimum gender mix must be maintained at all times.

Match Format

7.         To enable matches to keep close to the two hour rule, all rounds up to and including the Semi-final will comprise of a SINGLES game of 10 ends and a FOURS game of 6 ends followed by a second round of a PAIRS game of 6 ends using 3 bowls and a Triples game of 6 ends using 2 bowls. Apart from the Singles game, there will be no trial ends. The Singles game can have two trial ends using two bowls only

8.         Scoring is two points for each game won in the match, if a there is a tie, then one point             to each team. The winning team is the one with most points. At the conclusion of the match, where both teams tie on points, then the shot difference will decide the finishing order. Where both teams have equal points and score difference, then the number of ends won across all games will decide the finishing order. If both teams are equal in points, score difference and ends won, then a further single end will be played with all players having one bowl only. Teams will toss to decide who takes the mat.

Knockout Final

9.         All rounds in the Finals will follow the same format as above except, the number of ends will increase to: Singles, 12 ends and Fours, 8 ends, with a second round of Pairs and Triples of 8 ends. There is no time limit in the Final. Scoring is the same as paragraph 8.

Visits to the head and Dead ends

10.       In the Singles game, the bowlers can visit the head once in each end. Permission to visit the head must be obtained from the Marker. The opposing player may visit the head at the same time and may stay until the bowl is played before returning to the mat to bowl their own bowl. In all other games, there are no visits to the head by any player.

In the Triples the number two’s and in Fours the number three’s UP with Skip is classed as a visit therefore if the Number three’s in Fours and the number two’s in Triples are UP with the skip, the skip will not be able to visit the head at any time. This rule is included in the Finals.

11.       Where there is a tie break end in the Knockout competition as all five bowlers are playing, the number fours will be permitted to be at the head and the Skip may also visit the head, this includes the Final.

12.       There will be NO DEAD ENDS during any match. Where a dead-end occurs, then the jack will be re-spotted onto the re-spots placed left or right of the ’T’ in each rink, on the side that the jack left the rink. If a bowl is situated on the re-spot, then the jack will be placed on the side nearest the ’T’ but not touching the bowl.

Rink cards

13.       Rink cards will be provided for each match and they are to be placed in the Competition box at the conclusion of the match. The knockout charts will be completed by the Competitions Secretary. Teams are requested not to enter any details on the charts.


14.       Dress is as per the Club dress code, white shirts and grey trousers/skirts for all rounds less the Finals where Club shirts with greys are to be used. Finals bowls stickers will be issued for the Finals as required.

15.       All games are played under the WIBC Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Edition Version 3.1, less those amendments as listed above for our Club competitions.

16.       Any disputes will be resolved by the Bowls Committee

Richard Humphreys                                                                                                  Trevor Taylor
Summer Competitions Secretary                                                                            Competition Secretary
V4.2, July 2019



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