League Rules

These rules are final and binding on all league teams and bowlers and are approved by the Bowls Committee. No changes or alterations can be made without the approval and agreement of the Bowls Committee.

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April 2017

1. General rules

  • 1.1 Only fully paid up members of DIBC are permitted to participate in league matches.
  • 1.2 The prescribed registration fee for each team shall be payable by the closing date of entry to the league as set out on the league registration form.
  • 1.3 Bowlers participating in league matches must comply with the DIBC stated Dress Code. Where teams have nominated a distinctive team shirt all team members will comply with that choice when playing.
  • 1.4 By entering a league, teams are committing to participate for the full schedule and are responsible for any outstanding league rink fees should they not do so. Any failure to complete due to unavoidable or mitigating circumstances should be referred to the League Secretary in the first instance.
  • 1.5 All league bowlers will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is not offensive or unduly disruptive to other bowlers and visitors. Any complaints received by the League Secretary concerning the conduct of all, or any member of any team may render that team liable to disciplinary action. If the League Secretary is unable to resolve the complaint, it will pass to the Bowls Committee for consideration and, if necessary, to the Club Directors. The resulting decision will be final and binding.
  • 1.6 A Team Trophy will be awarded to the winners and runners up in each league at the end of the season and will be presented at the Clubs Presentation night.

2. Team rules

  • 2.1 League Team registered squad sizes are subject to both a maximum and minimum number of bowlers as follows:
    Rinks - maximum is 8, minimum 5
    Triples - maximum is 6, minimum 4
    Mixed Pairs - maximum is 2, minimum 2
    Australian Pairs - maximum is 4, minimum 2
  • 2.2 When registering a team, the team payment will be either the minimum allowed or the number of bowlers registered whichever is the greater. Additional bowlers may be registered after the start of the season within the limits stated above. Contact the League Secretary to have the name registered.
  • 2.3 A bowler may not be registered with more than one team in the same league.
  • 2.4 Once registered with a team, that bowler will remain with the team for the season and transfers between teams are not permitted. A replacement to an original registered player can be made prior to the commencement of the first match of the season or the first time that bowler is due to play whichever comes first, after that the substitute rule applies.
  • 2.5 Should a registered player be unable to play for a period of time, for whatever reason, a substitute may be registered. Any substitute replaces a named individual within the team and can only play when the original bowler is unable to play. The substitute cannot play for any other team within the league. No more than 50% of the teams complement can be substituted within the season. A substitute and the original registered player cannot play in a match together.
  • 2.6 The League Secretary is to be informed of all replacement or substitute bowlers for monitoring purposes.
  • 2.7 Open league teams may play any combination of male and female bowlers. Mixed league teams must include at least one male or one female bowler playing in the match.

3. Match rules

  • 3.1 All League Matches will be played according to the rules published by the World Indoor Bowls Council, Laws of the sport of bowls (Second Edition) with the following variations:
  • 3.2 There will be no trial ends played or visits to the head by any player. Players are not to follow their bowl down the rink as this can be disruptive to adjacent rinks.
  • 3.3 Matches will start and end at the sounding of the Club bell. Should the bell be in-operative for any reason the match will be limited to an elapsed time of two hours, the start time to be recorded on the card.
  • 3.4 The Mens Rinks will be played over two sets of 9 ends. If the match is drawn after the first two sets a further end will be played to decide the result. Scoring will be based on the number of sets won. If a set is drawn, then the number of ends won will determine the winner of the set. A limit of three and quarter hours is allowed to complete the match.
  • 3.5 The jack may not be delivered after the finishing bell has sounded, or the time limit has been reached. Should the final jack come to rest either beyond the rink or short of the minimum length and the bell sounds or time limit is reached it shall be placed on the tee and the mat shall not be moved. The end shall be played to a finish.
  • 3.6 Dead ends. There will be NO dead-ends during any matches. Where a dead-end occurs then the jack will be re-spotted onto the re-spots placed left or right of the ’T’ in each rink depending on the side that the jack left the rink. If a bowl is occupying the re-spot, the jack is to be placed on the side facing the ’T’ and not in contact with any bowl.
  • 3.7 In rinks matches the number three's only may play up with the skip.
  • 3.8 In triples matches the number two's may play up with the skip, if both skips agree.
  • 3.9 In rinks matches it shall not be permissible for either a number 3 or skip to remain at the head while the opposing 3 or skip plays their bowl unless their last bowl has already been played. Bowlers shall change ends at the same time as their opponents.
  • 3.10 In triples matches the above rule 3.9 will apply to number two's if it is agreed that they play up with the skips.
  • 3.11 One scorecard, complete with the date, rink number, scores for each end with final totals, and all bowlers names in the order they played, shall be signed by both skips and placed in the ’League’ box immediately after completion of the match. The Home team is responsible for maintaining the scorecard.
  • 3.12 Should a bowler be unable to complete a match for any reason the skips may decide to continue with a reduced number of bowlers (a 25% shot reduction would apply to subsequent ends played) OR allow another registered team member to join the match. This second option is only permitted if the delay in doing so would be no longer than 10 minutes. If both skips agree the match may be conceded and the shot score at the cessation will stand with the winning team awarded 2 points. Alternatively, both skips may agree to a postponement. If postponed, rink fees for a rearranged match under these circumstances need not be paid.
  • 3.13 A rinks team may play with only 3 bowlers (lead and number 2 have 3 woods, skip has 2 woods). A 25% shot reduction will be incurred – rounded up to the nearest shot. A card defining the order of play is available from the Stewards office. To constitute a match, rinks teams must have a minimum of 3 bowlers on each side. Full rink fees, including those for the missing bowler(s), must be paid by both teams.
  • 3.14 A triples team may play with only 2 bowlers. This team will have 4 woods each and bowl first on every end regardless of the outcome of the toss or previous end. The jack will be delivered by the team winning the toss or the previous end. A 25% shot reduction will be incurred – rounded up to the nearest shot. A card defining the order of play is available from the Stewards office. To constitute a match triples teams must have a minimum of 2 bowlers on each side. Full rinks fees, including those for the missing bowler(s), must be paid by both teams.
  • 3.15 In the unlikely event that there are only 3 players on each team for “rinks” or only 2 players on each team for a “triples”, the 25% shot reduction will not take effect.
  • 3.16 Pairs matches may not be played with less than 2 bowlers per side.

4. Postponements, Cancellations, Delays and Withdrawals

4.1 Postponements

  • 4.1.1 Any team postponing a match must complete a rink cancellation form and pass it to the Steward, ensure the rink booking is cancelled and the opposition Captain is informed. It is the responsibility of both Captains to ensure a postponed match is played as soon as possible. Break weeks will be incorporated into League schedules to assist in rescheduling matches
  • 4.1.2 Should a postponed match not be played within 2 weeks of the league programme end date, it will be viewed as cancelled, with one or both teams being penalised. See Rule 4.2.

4.2 Cancellations

  • 4.2.1 Any team cancelling or failing to arrive for a scheduled match will forfeit the match. Two points will be awarded to their opponents, who will have been deemed to have won the match by 10 shots to nil. The defaulting team will be responsible and invoiced for paying the rink fees for both teams, unless the team that attended play a roll up in which case they will only pay their own rink fees. Should the two teams mutually agree to cancel a match, no result will be recorded and each team will be invoiced for its own rink fees.
  • 4.2.2 In the case of severe weather, or traffic disruption preventing a team or team member arriving to fulfil their fixture, the League Secretary must be notified as soon as possible. In these cases no penalty will be incurred. The fixture should be re-arranged in accordance with the rule on postponements. See Rule 4.1.1.

4.3 Delays

  • 4.3.1 Teams or individual bowlers may commence a match providing they are ready to play within 20 minutes of the match's scheduled start time. The defaulting team will incur a penalty of 2 shots for the first 10 minutes and a further 2 shots if late between 11 and 20 minutes. If the team does not have its full compliment after 20 minutes the match shall commence under the reduced player rules providing sufficient bowlers are available. Should insufficient bowlers be available the match will be considered as cancelled and dealt with as Rule 4.2. The duration of any delayed match may not be extended beyond the normal finishing time.

4.4 Withdrawals

  • 4.4.1 If a team withdraws during the term of a league, all points awarded to those teams they have played will be removed for the last incomplete round of the league. All future matches will be classed as a Bye.

5. Disagreements and disputes

  • 5.1 Any team or bowler may raise a disagreement or dispute. The League Secretary should be approached in the first instance to resolve the issue. If the outcome is unsatisfactory to either party then the complaint should be submitted in writing to the League Secretary and raised with the Bowls Committee to consider the issue and make a decision which will be referred back to the team(s)/bowlers(s). The team(s)/bowler(s) may appeal any decision that the Bowls Committee makes to the Clubs Directors.


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