August 16, 2019

Some of you may not be aware of our facebook page. There is a link on the front page of the website. There have been a lot of posts and pictures lately from Richard Humphreys regarding the club competitions. Certainly worth taking a look.

August 14, 2019
Tesco Shield

Our annual in-house competition for the Tesco Shield was once again fully supported with a maximum of 36 players taking part. At the end of a very enjoyable afternoon the trophy winners were Brian Gelder with Irene Oxby and David Mill who won all four of their games and ended with a score of +10 shots. The runners-up were Iris Rolfe with Mary Gillard and Trevor Motts who had three wins and one draw, and gained 7 points and a score of +6 shots.

August 12, 2019
Eddie Pinder (updated)

It is with very great sadness that we inform members that Eddie died last Saturday, 10 August.

Although Eddie has not been bowling for some time, he will be remembered by many of our members as the great character he was. He loved his bowls and joined the club in 2003, He was a great supporter of our Club, a qualified umpire and President of Northamptonshire IBA in the 2008/9 season. There is no doubt Eddie will be greatly missed.

We offer our sincere condolences to his wife and all other members of his family.

The Funeral is on Friday 6th September 10.30 at Rainsbrook Crematorium, Ashlawn Road, Rugby. No mention of wake but that will be on Order of Service on the day.

August 3, 2019

Following the proposal to replace Monday night rinks with a 2 wood triples, a survey was taken of over 40 playing members.  The survey extended consideration to a 3 wood triples.  The results of the survey were overwhelmingly in support of “triples” in either format.  However, the favoured first choice was for the 2 wood by a clear majority.

At yesterday’s Bowling Committee meeting the decision was taken, for the coming winter season, to replace Monday night rinks with a 2 wood triples.

The format will be:

          2 wood triples.

          Squad size – min. of 4, max. of 5.

          2 sets of 9 ends with a final end decider.

          2’s up.

          Rink fee will be £3 per player.

It is recognised there will be disruption to existing squads but hopefully players will support this move, create additional teams and reach out and encourage other members to join them.

We trust your Monday evenings will be more enjoyable!

Bowling Committee

2nd August, 2019

July 8, 2019





6 July Sue Pernyes
13 July Ed Hibberd
20 July Brian King
27 July Brian King
3 August Sue Pernyes
10 August Brian King
17 August Sue Pernyes
24 August Brian King
31 August Brian King
7 September Sue Pernyes
14 September Brian King
21 September Sue Pernyes
28 September Brian King
July 5, 2019
Monday Night League Proposal

At the first meeting of the Bowling Committee on 20th June the following proposal was submitted for consideration:


Over the past few years the number of teams entering the winter Monday night rinks has declined to an all time low. Only 6 teams entered last year.

The proposal is that the rinks be replaced by a 2-wood “triples”. In all other respects the format of play would remain the same. 

I would like to make a rider that “the triples would allow 2’s to go to the head in order to assist and learn about reading the heads”.

It is considered that:

1. By limiting the squad sizes to 4 members this would release players to increase the number of teams entering and improve the quality and depth of competition.

2. The target of having all the rinks full i.e. 12 teams would significantly increase income for the club.

3. Bar takings would no doubt improve and keep Keith Lancaster busier than of late.

A decision on this is required by the 1st August in order to set things in motion for the coming season. The Bowling Committee will be meeting this day.

If any member has a strong objection to this change or suggestions please email Brian Scott scott853@btinternet.com

July 3, 2019
Water Cones

We are replacing the water cups, with cones. We do not intend to buy more cups. Like everywhere, we are trying to stop the use of single use plastics. We would like all members to bring in their own water containers. Not only will we be helping the environment, but reduce the amount of waste we produce, the mess that stewards and others have to clean up, and saving the club money. Please do not use the coffee cups, as these are expensive to buy and only for use with the vending machine.

June 19, 2019

It is with very great sadness that we inform members that John died in hospital earlier this week.

John will be greatly missed by his many friends at the club, and we offer our sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to his wife, Jean and all the family, at this very sad time.

The funeral service will take place at the Counties Crematorium,
Milton Malsor on
Monday 1st July at 11.45am.

May 27, 2019
Short Mat Agreement with NMSBA

The Board made an agreement with NSMBA (Northants Short Mat) in February allowing them to use two rinks on ten occasions during the period of August 2019 – February 2020, as they have been doing over the past few years. This was their home venue, and they had invested in it.

Last season the use of the club by ESMBA (England short mat) had started to impact the needs of DIBC members. The board was on top of the situation, and spent time producing and publishing new guidelines on the use of our club by outside organisations. This had the result that we told ESMBA that unfortunately we could no longer accommodate their needs. This was a big decision to take as DIBC members had benefited from the income from these events over many years. It also greatly impacted our very valued partner Alison’s Oven.

We believe our actions to the impact the short mat has had on our club was handled proactively, professionally, and in a timely manner. Some members did not agree that we had gone far enough. To further their ends, they deemed that we needed to be instructed on how to handle the situation and needlessly pushed through a Proposal that they knew would put us in a difficult situation. We fully understood the Proposal passed at the AGM but still believed it was unreasonable to ask us to renege on an agreement that was put in place by duly elected Directors.

Individually all the directors felt and still feel that morally and legally the correct stance to take was to honour the existing contract. The Board had expected that there would be some understanding and sympathy from the members given the difficult situation that we had been forced into. However, following further representations from a few members, who insisted we obey the Proposal to the letter, we are now left facing the more difficult decision as to whether we wish to continue as Directors. These actions have sent a negative and demotivating message to the Directors leaving the Board in a precarious state.

The consensus view of the Directors is that these actions clearly show there is a group of members who have a lack of appreciation and support for the work we do, and that their recognition of our successes over the years is given begrudgingly. Rightly or wrongly, we have taken this intervention as a vote of no confidence in our actions over this matter. The instigators of the Proposal will tell you that we have brought this on ourselves. They take no responsibility for the current situation and argue they did not mean to cause this much consternation. Unfortunately, life is not like that. It is not what you meant to do that matters but the consequences of your actions. Further, their clear disregard for us as people was apparent. They have to remember that whilst we are Directors we are still members, volunteers, and most importantly people who have feelings.

The club is in a great situation; all measures show we have been very successful. We are proud of our achievements and believe we have served you well.

We have decided to:

  • Cancel the short mat events with NSMBA
  • Consider our situation over the next few months to see if we can overcome our personal disappointments and re-established the level of enthusiasm that is essential to successfully manage and keep driving the club forward.




May 9, 2019
Northants Short Mat

The Directors of DIBC will be honouring the commitment they have already made to NSMBA (Northants Short Mat) to allow them use of our facilities for the 2019-20 season.

For your information, NSMBA normally use 2/3 rinks on a Sunday on approx. 10 days a year.

This commitment was made in February this year.

DIBC Directors


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