October 21, 2018
Victory against Bletchley

In a closely fought match the Eagles just came out ahead winning on three rinks, losing on two and with the Captains' rinks evenly matched with a draw; the Eagles came home ahead by one shot. Captain Sue Pernyes presented the Highest Winning Rink award Chris Jalland with his team of Janet Collins and Phillip Silk-Neilson – Phillips first game for the Eagles and Janet playing in only her second game – very well done to them both.

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Daventry v Tamworth 2-14

The Daventry Team were encouraged when Brenda Bishop won the Ladies 2 wood singles, but although Peter Dymond played well his opponent just had the edge. With 3 more games to play Daventry set about their games hoping to win at least 2 of the 3 to achieve an overall win. Obviously having the home green advantage helped Tamworth go on to win the remaining 3 games. Each single game was worth 2 points, with the pairs, triples and rinks worth 4 points each giving Tamworth a 14-2 victory. Well done to the Daventry players who did their best for the club and we wish Tamworth every success in the next round.
Rink 1: Brenda Bishop, , and [22] C Felton [11]
Rink 2: Peter C Dymond, , and [9] A Weston [20]
Rink 3: Vicki Rushall, Geoff Allen, and [14] G Ardin [15]
Rink 4: Adge Smith, Joan Watts, and Terry Fuller [15] A McDonnell [21]
Rink 5: Margaret Daynes, Julie Spreadbury, Philip Daynes and B Spreadbury [11] B Love [20]

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October 20, 2018
Denny Cup Daventry V Kingsthorpe 45–118

Rink 1: Drew Tooth, Daryl Hill, Brian Jones and B Spreadbury [13] C Cinato [28]
Rink 2: David Roberts, Steve Waters, Adge Smith and Geoff Allen [10] J Walker [32]
Rink 3: Anthony Robinson, Richard Taylor, Richard Holland and Malcolm Foster [7] M Sharpe [39]
Rink 4: Alan Davies, Geoffrey Elliman, Philip Daynes and Peter C Dymond [15] V Gearey [19]</p
Daventry can be proud of their performance today against a very strong Kingsthorpe fielding at least 9 england international players.The 2 home rinks really was up against it with daventry playing 4 new players .The away rink skipped by P Dymond put in a solid performance until the 17th end when they dropped a 5 to the give the opposition a 4 shot advantage with 4 ends to play.With Kingsthorpe so far ahead daventry shook hands and wished kingsthorpe every success in the next round.

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October 18, 2018
Daventry Eagles win at home against Kettering Lodge 65-57

Daventry Eagles played at home on Thursday in a club friendly game against Kettering Lodge Indoor bowls Club. After a good start Daventry took the lead. Kettering Lodge put up a good fight and at the end both teams ended up with two winning rinks each with Daventry winning the overall game by 8 shots. Captain John Sach presented the highest winning rink to Debs Sach, Andrew Perrin and himself the skip.
Rink 2: Debs Sach, Andy Perrin and John Sach [22] J Knight [7]
Rink 3: Sylvia Hatfield, Keith Faulding and Judy Hicks [10] R Hyde [21]
Rink 4: Barbara Jalland, Norman Langdon and Alan Davies [19] J Beal [13]
Rink 5: Janet Collins, Margaret Stevens and Chris Jalland [14] P Morgan [16]

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October 17, 2018
Daventry “B” Over 60’s Double Rink v Desborough 45 – 39

The Daventry “B” team should be proud of themselves beating Desborough “A”. The home team were down 16 shots at the 14th end, so did very well to gain 13 shots by the end of the game. The away team seem to have an advantage holding on the lead from the start.
The teams now go on to play Northampton & District and they are wished every success going forward to the next round.
Rink 1: Allan Watts, Trevor Taylor, Brian Jones and Alan Davies [18] R Tingle [24]
Rink 2: Adge Smith, Rick Hayes, Mike Starkey and Geoff Smith [27] B Diver [15]

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Daventry v Northampton District 67 – 58

This was the Daventry Ladies first match of the season, with a good start, winning away against Northampton and District. A big thank you to all the ladies that played especially Janet Collins a new member who was playing her first Ladies match. Captain Margaret Daynes awarded the highest winning rink to Shirley Shucksmith, Mary Gillard and Janet Collins.

Rink 1: Hazel Wallage, Barbara Oliver and Margaret Daynes [13] L Babb [19]
Rink 2: Vicki Worthington, Jill Welch and Brenda Bishop [23] J Porter [15]
Rink 3: Janet Collins, Mary Gillard and Shirley Shucksmith [19] S Lane [9]
Rink 4: Julie Spreadbury, Jeanette Taylor and Joan Watts [12] P Letts [15]

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October 15, 2018
Daventry Eagles loses at home against Avon Valley 84-95

Daventry Eagles played at home on Saturday in a club friendly game against Avon Valley from Warwickshire. After a slow start by Daventry, they started to catch up quickly, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and Daventry ended up with two winning rinks and a draw on one rink out of the six rinks, so lost the overall game buy 11 shots. Captain John Sach presented the highest winning rink to Debs Sach, Drew Tooth and himself the skip..
Rink 1: Janet Collins, Daryl Hill and Chris Jalland [12] Ron Walton [18]
Rink 2: Debs Sach, Drew Tooth and John Sach [16] John Brain [11]
Rink 3: Iain Wilson, Andy Perrin and Sue Pernyes [17] Dennis Ward [19]
Rink 4: Angelina Johnstone, Brian Robbins and Adge Smith [15] John Rheams [15]
Rink 5: Barbara Jalland, Louise Hopkins and Margaret Stevens [8] Alan Barker [17]
Rink 6: Hazel Wallage, and Jack Brown [16] Tony Kent [15]

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October 14, 2018
Egham Trophy Daventry v Kingsthorpe 29-102

Without being pessimistic it was almost a foregone conclusion that Daventry would have an uphill struggle to beat Kingsthorpe. The Kingsthorpe team consisted of at least eight International players, the score reflects the level of play that Daventry was up against. We wish Kingsthorpe every success in the future games of this competition.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Daventry team members for their support and effort . Because of the huge shot difference Daventry conceded defeat after the 16th end.
Rink 1: Margaret Daynes, Kim Russell, Adge Smith and Malcolm Foster [10] A Manton [16]
Rink 2: Louise Hopkins, Drew Tooth, Joan Watts and Peter C Dymond [9] G Taylor [21]
Rink 3: Mary Gillard, Mick Isom, Shirley Shucksmith and Philip Daynes [5] M Sharpe [39]
Rink 4: Margaret Jones, Alan Davies, Judy Hicks and Michael Moulton [5] [26]

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October 13, 2018
County League Daventry V Desborough 43-96

Daventry came up against a very strong Desborough team in there first county league match of the season. Daventry fielding 4 new bowlers can only look forward to there next encounter against Kettering Lodge.
Rink 1: Steve Waters, John Dunkley and Malcolm Foster [10] P Mellor [15]
Rink 2: Chris Jalland, Sidney Midson and Terry Fuller [8] J Haines [32]
Rink 3: Alan Davies, Philip Daynes and Adge Smith [11] N Gibb [19]
Rink 4: Anthony Hoffman, Richard Holland and Peter C Dymond [14] C Wigfield [33]

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October 10, 2018
Daventry Eagles loses at Home to The Northants Retired Police 96-114

Daventry Eagles lost at Home to The Northants Retired Police. After a strong start by Daventry, NRP soon started to catch up and take the lead on most of the rinks, by the end of the 18 ends Daventry had one winning rink out of the six and lost the overall game by 18 shots.Captain John Sach presented the highest winning rink to Debs Sach, Carol Houghton and skip Chris Jalland.
Rink 1: Brian Collins, Andy Perrin and Margaret Stevens [5] Clive Appleton [29]
Rink 2: Guifang Wright, Colin Brown and John Sach [10] Tim Robinson [24]
Rink 3: Debs Sach, Carol Houghton and Chris Jalland [20] Brian Oram [8]
Rink 4: Susan Collins, Sylvia Hatfield and Shirley Shucksmith [13] JackBrown [14]
Rink 5: Trevor Wright, Barbara Jalland and Judy Hicks [10] Bill Tapp [31]
Rink 6: Keith Mason, Mary Gillard and Adge Smith [11] Malc Mattinson [19]

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