December 1, 2019
County League Daventry V Wellingborough 62-67

Daventry put in a solid effort to try and stop wellingborough in this County league encounter. All was going well at 15 ends on all rinks Daventry was 15 shots up with 3 to play. Wellingborough seemed to step up a gear at home and stop Daventry in there tracks picking up 14 shots in the remaining 3 ends.The two home rinks skipped by P Dymond & P Clerkin also managed to drop 6 shots in there 3 ends giving Wellingborough a 62-67 overall win
Rink 1: Geoffrey Knight, Philip Daynes and Peter C Dymond [15] S Norman [14]
Rink 2: Steve Cale, John Worthington and Patrick Clerkin [18] N Hawkins [8]
Rink 3: Geoffrey Elliman, Bob Humphris and Mick Worthington [18] J Greaves [24]
Rink 4: Adge Smith, Alan Gardner and Terry Fuller [11] I Roy [21]

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November 30, 2019
Victory against Greyfriars

The Eagles continue with their winning streak, taking victory by 103 shots to 83.
Highest winning rink was closely contested until the last couple of ends when Ian Reid-Jones together with Barbara Jalland and Mary Gillard pulled ahead. Thanks to Jack Brown who turned out for the Greyfriars team and a special thanks to Philip Silk-Neilsen who stepped in literally at the last moment for the Eagles.
Rink 1: Barbara Jalland, Mary Gillard and Ian Reid-Jones [21] I Oliver [10]
Rink 2: Brian Robbins, Iain Wilson and Jo Reid-Jones [20] C Overton [15]
Rink 3: Hazel Wallage, Sylvia Inglis and Chris Jalland [19] M Lipscombe [16]
Rink 4: Graham Jones, Sue Pernyes and Judy Hicks [14] B O’Gara [9]
Rink 5: Janet Matthews, Phillip Silk-Neilsen and Alan Davies [16] K Orton [17]
Rink 6: Sandra Blake, Doug Crane and Shirley Shucksmith [13] R Lawrence [17]

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November 27, 2019
Over 60’s Double Rink Daventry A v Tamworth 35 – 28

The Daventry A Over 60 Double Rink squad moved into the next round with a closely fought 35-28 victory over a spirited Tamworth side on Tuesday morning.

The home rink, skipped by Mick Worthington, were involved in a game which was always keenly contested. The teams were level at 5-5 after five ends. Tamworth had the better of the exchanges over the next five ends to take a narrow 9-7 lead. However, Mick and his men played well over the next five ends to level the match at 12-12. The last three ends resulted in both teams picking up three shots for a final score of 15-15.

The away rink, led by Michael Moulton, had a narrow 5-4 lead after five ends. They picked up four shots on the tenth end to move into a 12-8 lead. Tamworth picked up two shots on each of the next two ends to level the match at 12-12. Michael and his men then proceeded to win five ends in a row picking up eight shots to take a decisive 20-12 advantage. Tamworth scored a single on the last end to make the final score 20-13.

The team will now play Desborough in the next round on 10th December.
Rink 1: John Worthington, Bob Humphris, Tony Dicks and Mick Worthington [15] [15]
Rink 2: Patrick Clerkin, B Spreadbury, Terry Fuller and Michael Moulton [20] [13]

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November 25, 2019
Northampton have the edge

A valiant Eagles team had a very competitive match against a strong Northampton side, losing out by 82 shots to 100. Highest winning rink award went to Brian Gelder supported by Linda Palmer and Doug Crane. The Eagles now look forward to a return match in Northampton.
Rink 1: Linda Palmer, Doug Crane and Brian Gelder [18] D Williamson [9]
Rink 2: Brian Robbins, Judy Fenton and Judy Hicks [12] I Daverson [21]
Rink 3: Janet Matthews, Guy Russell and R Humphreys [10] R Jones [18]
Rink 4: Hazel Wallage, Mary Gillard and Malcolm Foster [14] R Spatcher [15]
Rink 5: Sylvia Inglis, John Palmer and Adge Smith [17] M Hall [18]
Rink 6: Eveline Worrall, Sylvia Hatfield and Alan Davies [11] J Carter [19]

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November 24, 2019

Daventry never got in their stride against a very strong Church Gresley side losing on all 4 rinks in there first Wessex League game of the winter series.
Rink 1: Adge Smith, Geoffrey Knight, Michael Moulton and Mick Worthington [15] D Brennan [25]
Rink 2: David Chambers, Philip Daynes, Kip Frankson and Peter C Dymond [15] M O Connell [25]
Rink 3: Richard Taylor, Brian Jones, Alan Gardner and Alan Davies [15] T Wain [28]
Rink 4: Geoffrey Elliman, Stephen White, Ray Caira and Mick Isom [12] T Bosworth [32]

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November 22, 2019
Masons Trophy Daventry v Avon Valley 35-32

A great win for the Daventry Ladies in the Masons National Competition against Avon Valley. The home team score was close with only 4 shots between the 2 teams, but it was the away team that held a good lead right from the start. Daventry now go forward into the 2nd round on 6th December against Tamworth.
Rink 1: Julie Spreadbury, Shirley Shucksmith, Jill Welch and Vicki Rushall [15] M Eaton [19]
Rink 2: Vicki Worthington, Judy Hicks, Joan Watts and Brenda Bishop [20] D Thurlbeck [13]

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Daventry v Avon Valley. 74-53

What an excellent win for the Daventry Ladies. The highest winning rink was awarded to Joan Watts and her team who started off well picking up 5 shots on the third end, but then didn’t score on the next 5 ends. However end 9 was the turning point and they romped home to win 24-12. We looked forward to the return match in the New Year.

Rink 1: Lesley Sharp, Audrey Budd and Joan Watts [24] M Eaton [12]
Rink 2: Caroline Dobbie, Jeanette Taylor and Judy Hicks [11] D Thurbeck [22]
Rink 3: Sylvia Inglis, Janet Matthews and Shirley Shucksmith [23] H Treadgold [11]
Rink 4: Vicki Worthington, Patricia Symonds and Jacqueline Lancaster [17] [8]

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November 18, 2019
Yetton Plate Daventry v Kettering Lodge 93-51

The Daventry ladies seemed to have an uphill struggle from the start against a very strong Kettering team. Both away teams did make a bit of a come back both only loosing by 5 shots, but unfortunately the home teams were unable to lessen their shot difference to help with the overall score. The Daventry ladies would like to wish Kettering good luck going forward into the next round.
Rink 1: Julie Spreadbury, Helen Humphris, Jill Welch and Vicki Rushall [11] Sian H-J [25]
Rink 2: Sue Yates, Jeanette Taylor, Patricia Symonds and Shirley Shucksmith [10] M Haig [28]
Rink 3: Louise Hopkins, Janet Matthews, Sylvia Fuller and Joan Watts [15] P Starsmore [20]
Rink 4: Vicki Worthington, Angela Needham, Judy Hicks and Brenda Bishop [15] A Height [20]

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Kingsthorpe bring out the guns

Despite winning on three of the five rinks, Kingsthorpe took victory by 100 shots to the Eagles 78, scoring heavily on their two winning rinks.
Rink 1: Derick Curtis, Doug Crane and Alan Davies [26] B Brown [15]
Rink 2: Mike Robins, Ian Weaver and Chris Jalland [4] P Mills [34]
Rink 3: Barbara Jalland, Malcolm Foster and Sue Pernyes [14] T Welburn [27]
Rink 4: John Robinson, Sylvia Inglis and Adge Smith [20] J Baggatt [15]
Rink 5: Brian Robbins, Hazel Wallage and Geoff Allen [14] E Hamilton [9]
Rink 6: , and [0] [0]

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November 16, 2019
Daventry V Desborough Denny Plate 55–95

Daventry IBC encounter with Desborough in the Denny plate was always going to be a tough encounter.The home rinks skipped by T Dicks after 10 ends was 6-10 but Desborough pulled away to win 14-22. Alan Davies rink after 10 ends was 11-13 but yet again Desborough went on to win 15-22. The away rinks had a uphill struggle with T Fullers rink going down 12-25. M Worthingtons rink held Desborough for 10 ends then Desborough seemed to step up a Gear to take the win 12-25 .We wish Desborough well in the next round.
Rink 1: Mark Lakey, Adge Smith, Philip Daynes and Tony Dicks [14] P Broderick [22]
Rink 2: Malcolm Foster, Trevor Taylor, B Spreadbury and Alan Davies [15] M Pownall [22]
Rink 3: Stephen White, Ray Caira, Kip Frankson and Terry Fuller [14] J Haines [26]
Rink 4: Geoffrey Elliman, Steve Waters, Bob Humphris and Mick Worthington [12] R Mann [25]

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