January 20, 2020
Horace and Ivy Trophy

Daventry Ladies were invited to take part in the Annual Horace and Ivy Competition, which is played at Northampton and District BC. Both rinks played 4 games, each winning 2 and loosing 2 . Unfortunately this did not give them enough joint points for Daventry to be in the top 3. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all playing with friends from other clubs, which was then followed by a good meal. Congratulations to Northampton and District who were the winners.
Rink 1: Julie Spreadbury, Janet Matthews, Judy Hicks and Vicki Rushall [0] [0]
Rink 2: Caroline Dobbie, Sylvia Inglis, Shirley Shucksmith and Joan Watts [0] [0]

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Greyfriars revenge

After losing heavily on their last visit, Greyfriars pulled out all the stops to take victory by 117 shots to 85. Highest winning rink award went to Geoff Allen supported by Jennie and Peter Mercer.
Rink 1: Sandra Blake, Barbara Jalland and Chris Jalland [14] [25]
Rink 2: Jennie Mercer, Peter Mercer and Geoff Allen [22] [13]
Rink 3: Janet Matthews, Doug Crane and Judy Hicks [12] [25]
Rink 4: Hazel Wallage, Eveline Worrall and Brian Gelder [9] [15]
Rink 5: Jack Brown, Sylvia Inglis and Alan Davies [14] [24]
Rink 6: Graham Jones, Sue Pernyes and Malcolm Foster [14] [15]

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Outclassed by Kingsthorpe

The Eagles suffered a heavy defeat losing on all rinks, with Kingsthorpe taking victory by 151 shots to 62. Best rink award went to Mark Courtney, John Shanahan and Jennie Mercer who kept their deficit down to 3 shots.
Rink 1: John Shanahan, Jennie Mercer and Mark Courtney [16] [19]
Rink 2: Jack Brown, Rod Clarke and Alan Davies [12] [19]
Rink 3: Joe Heagren, Barbara Jalland and Chris Jalland [10] [30]
Rink 4: Brenda Clarke, Brian Hyde and Chris Long [11] [35]
Rink 5: Grahame Akers, Mike Taylor and Doug Crane [6] [22]
Rink 6: Brian Robbins, Carol Taylor and Peter Mercer [7] [26]

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January 13, 2020
Daventry v Rugby 40-45

The Daventry Ladies had an enjoyable afternoon at Rugby but unfortunately they lost by 5 shots. Captain Margaret Daynes returned to ladies games after a period away and was fortunate enough to award herself and her team the highest winning rink.
Rink 1: Lesley Sharp, Christine Foster, Vicki Worthington and Shirley Shucksmith [11] S Torry [17]
Rink 2: Hazel Wallage, Caroline Dobbie, Margaret Daynes and Jacqueline Lancaster [19] J Hollis [13]
Rink 3: Jeanette Taylor, Sylvia Inglis, Audrey Budd and Judy Hicks [10] J Arkel [15]

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Northampton bring out the big guns

A crushing defeat for the Eagles as Northampton put forward one of their strongest teams. The final score was 67 against 138, but nevertheless, it was a most enjoyable afternoon and we look forward to the return match in Daventry when we will do our best to redress the balance.
Rink 1: Hazel Wallage, Andrew Foster and Geoff Allen [15] I Daverson [15]
Rink 2: Jennie Mercer, Alan Gardner and Sue Pernyes [6] R Jones [30]
Rink 3: Jack Brown, Doug Crane and Peter Mercer [14] M Hall [19]
Rink 4: Brian Robbins, Chris Jalland and Judy Hicks [12] R Spatcher [22]
Rink 5: Mike Robins, Sylvia Inglis and Alan Davies [9] J Carter [32]
Rink 6: Barbara Jalland, Malcolm Foster and Adge Smith [11] J Porter [20]

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January 5, 2020
Daventry V Leicester Wessex League 70-108

Daventry IBC came up against Leicester in the Wessex League hoping to continue there run of recent wins but found Leicester no pushover M Worthingtons rink was put under a lot of pressure and after 16 ends 18-18 apiece but then Leicester seemed to go up a gear picking up 9 shots in the final 5 ends 18-27.P Daynes rink held Leicester at bay after 15 ends 16-13 up next 2 ends went to Daventry 19-14 finally winning 20-17 after a very enjoyable game.The 2 away rinks of T Fuller & A Davies found Leicester in form with T Fuller 19-27 & A Davies going down 13-37.

Rink 1: David Chambers, Richard Taylor, R Humphreys and Philip Daynes [20] A Evans [17]
Rink 2: Chris Jalland, B Spreadbury, Brian Scott and Mick Worthington [18] S Wade [27]
Rink 3: Adge Smith, Graham Ballinger, Kip Frankson and Terry Fuller [19] R Copper [27]
Rink 4: Geoffrey Elliman, Alan Gardner, Mick Isom and Alan Davies [13] T Millichip [37]

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December 21, 2019
Daventry V Brackley 86-61

Daventry ibc encounter with Brackley in the County League ended up with a very convincing win 86-61.The two homes rinks skipped by T Fuller & P Daynes made a solid start and continued to hold Brackley at bay finishing both with a well earned win T Fuller 25-12 P Daynes 19-9.The Away rink of B Scott T Dicks & M Worthington gave Brackley a tough time winning 31-14 The other rink M Lakey J Worthington P Clerkin found it hard to pick up shots going down 11-26 but overall a fantastic result giving Daventry 5 points to 1
Rink 1: Geoffrey Elliman, Kip Frankson and Terry Fuller [25] R Somerton [12]
Rink 2: Trevor Taylor, Malcolm Foster and Philip Daynes [19] S Wright [9]
Rink 3: Mark Lakey, John Worthington and Patrick Clerkin [11] K Taylor [26]
Rink 4: Brian Scott, Tony Dicks and Mick Worthington [31] G Prior [14]

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December 19, 2019
Victory over Kislingbury

A most enjoyable afternoon, with the Eagles flying high and taking victory by 91 shots to 64. Congratulations to Alan Davis and his team of Sylvia Inglis and Mary Gillard for their highest winning rink score of 27-2.
Rink 1: Sylvia Inglis, Mary Gillard and Alan Davies [27] K Mawson [7]
Rink 2: Barbara Jalland, John Dunkley and Chris Jalland [17] B Ball [13]
Rink 3: Jennie Mercer, Sue Pernyes and Adge Smith [18] A Farrekk [15]
Rink 4: Janet Matthews, Doug Crane and Judy Hicks [19] S Hillo [11]
Rink 5: Hazel Wallage, Malcolm Foster and Peter Mercer [10] R SMith [18]
Rink 6: , and [0] [0]

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December 15, 2019
Daventry V Rugby Mayflowers Wessex League 80-66

Daventry Eagles went up against Rugby Mayflowers in their second fixture of the Wessex League.The two home rinks Skipped by M Worthington won 18-16 & T Fuller who dropped a 2 on the final end to lose 22-24. The two away rinks of P Dymond & Alan Davies put in a solid performance with P Dymond taking a very well earned win after 21 ends 24-10.Alan Davies after 15 ends was 11-11 Rugby then won the next 4 ends picking up 5 shots but A Davies then managed to plck up 5 shots in the remaining 2 ends to tie the score 16-16 giving Daventry a Final Score of 80-66 .
Rink 1: Geoffrey Knight, B Spreadbury, Bob Humphris and Mick Worthington [18] D Wheeler [16]
Rink 2: Adge Smith, Kip Frankson, Alan Gardner and Terry Fuller [22] N Hewitson [24]
Rink 3: David Chambers, Philip Daynes, Brian Scott and Peter C Dymond [24] J Kilsby [10]
Rink 4: Geoffrey Elliman, Mick Isom, Brian Jones and Alan Davies [16] C Knapp [16]

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December 13, 2019
Daventry v Rugby 43- 63

The game was hit by players pulling out on both sides due to a multitude of issues, but even though Daventry took a heavy defeat all the ladies had an enjoyable afternoon. A big thank to Janet Matthews who actually ended up playing for the opposition and then being on the rink that took the “highest winning” rink for the Rugby Team. However, Daventry did have a highest winning rink which was Jeanette Taylor, Audrey Budd and Joan Watts. Daventry has a return match against Rugby in January, so hopefully the ladies will do well then.
Rink 2: Caroline Dobbie, Carol Taylor, Patricia Symonds and Shirley Shucksmith [15] J Hollis [19]
Rink 3: Jeanette Taylor, Audrey Budd, and Joan Watts [18] E Cresswell [15]
Rink 4: Jeanne Hodgkinson, Sylvia Inglis, and Vicki Worthington [10] J Terry [29]

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