June 15, 2019
Eagles Flying High

An excellent win against our arch rivals, Northampton & District. The Eagles won on 5 out of 6 rinks and took the victory by 20 shots with the final score being 100 to 80.
Highest winning rink went to Captain Sue Pernyes, with skip Adge Smith and Rosemary Dunkley and Doug Crane.

Rink 1: Susan Rumsey, Ron Rumsey, John Dunkley and Jo Reid-Jones [16] R Spatcher [13]
Rink 2: Debs Sach, Grahame Akers, Mike Taylor and John Sach [16] T Dye [10]
Rink 3: Rosemary Dunkley, Doug Crane, Sue Pernyes and Adge Smith [24] R Cleaver [6]
Rink 4: Andrew Foster, Brenda Clarke, Brenda Bishop and Brian Gelder [17] A Hogg [14]
Rink 5: Joe Heagren, Janet Matthews, Eveline Worrall and Judy Hicks [18] C Peach [12]
Rink 6: Christine Foster, Rod Clarke, Ian Reid-Jones and Shirley Shucksmith [8] K Dick [22]

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June 11, 2019
Daventry Kestrels draw against Wellingborough A

A close fought match where both teams drew with 4 points each, both winning two games however Wellingborough gained 36 shots against 29. A very good match to watch, especially the Triples match which came down to the last end, with the Kestrels holding 5 to 4 and some excellent bowling by all especially Adge Smith, the skip, to take a further 3 score draws winning 8 to 4 at the end. Well done to all and we look forward to our home match against Wellingborough in late July.
Rink 1: , , and Brian Gelder [4] A. Goodenough [13]
Rink 2: Eveline Worrall, Wendy OConnor, Geoffrey Elliman and Adge Smith [11] P. McDowell [4]
Rink 3: Eveline Worrall, , and Brian Gelder [6] P. McDowell [15]
Rink 4: Wendy OConnor, Geoffrey Elliman, and Adge Smith [8] A. Goodenough [4]

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June 8, 2019
Daventry Eagles beaten by Wellingborough B

This was a strong team that the Eagles were up against winning only one of the four games giving a final result of 6 points to 2. Although they won the triples game well, they unfortunately lost the fours where they could have won if they had not dropped a 4 half-way through an 8 end game, coming back to 2 shots short at the end. We look forward to the return match at home.
Rink 1: , , and Patrick Clerkin [4] Dennis Collins [14]
Rink 2: Vicki Worthington, Brenda Bishop, John Worthington and Mick Worthington [7] John Greaves [9]
Rink 3: Vicki Worthington, , and Patrick Clerkin [4] John Greaves [11]
Rink 4: John Worthington, Brenda Bishop, and Mick Worthington [14] Martin Underwood [8]

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June 6, 2019
Summer Friendly at Kingsthorpe

Another excellent afternoon with great on-going rivalry between the Daventry Eagles and Kingsthorpe. As is often the case, it was very close at tea-time, but the Kingsthorpe bowlers edged ahead taking victory by 17 shots. The final score was Kingsthorpe 102 to the Eagles 85 with Daventry's only winning rink skipped by Captain Sue Pernyes, and her team of Janet Matthews, David Chambers and Mike Taylor.
A warm welcome to David Mill, and new bowler for the Eagles, and many thanks to Steph Smith from Kingsthorpe who stepped in at the last moment when one of the Daventry players was unable to take part.
Rink 1: Rosemary Dunkley, Joe Heagren, Eveline Worrall and Brian Gelder [10] Bob Brown [20]
Rink 2: Andrew Foster, , Chris Jalland and Judy Hicks [13] Brian Kaye [19]
Rink 3: Janet Matthews, David Chambers, Mike Taylor and Sue Pernyes [20] Mike White [9]
Rink 4: Christine Foster, Rod Clarke, Geoff Smith and Adge Smith [13] Mick Richardson [17]
Rink 5: Barbara Jalland, David Mill, Shirley Shucksmith and John Dunkley [18] Dave Sargeant [19]
Rink 6: Debs Sach, Brenda Clarke, Doug Crane and John Sach [11] David Smith [19]

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June 1, 2019
Daventry Falcons lose to Rugby Chuckers

This was unfortunately not the result we needed to be able to keep the team at least in line for getting to the knockout rounds. They were heavily defeated in 3 of the games, the fourth game ended with Richard Hooper only just losing his singles match by one point to Oliver Fowler who is a under 25 England bowler, a really excellent game to watch. The overall result gave the Rugby team an 8 – 0 win. All is not lost though as there is still 4 matches to play before the end of the league stage so hopefully their future matches will end in better results. Well done to all those who played especially those who had played for the first time in the National Fantastic Five competition, it was a good experience.
Rink 1: , , and Richard Hooper [8] O. Fowler [9]
Rink 2: Christine Foster, David Chambers, Sylvia Inglis and Geoff Smith [7] C. Chapman [11]
Rink 3: Christine Foster, , and Richard Hooper [2] C. Chapman [21]
Rink 4: Sylvia Inglis, David Chambers, and Geoff Smith [6] O. Fowler [15]

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May 25, 2019
Daventry Kestrels win against Kempston Ride

A really close match to start with, with each team winning 2 points and a score draw difference of only one in Kempston favour. The second half proved to be a very good win on both games, the pairs and the triples with the pairs winning 15-11 and the triples really showing their strength by winning comfortably with a 17-3 win. This gave the Kestrels an overall win score of 6 points to 2 and a 17 point score difference in their favour. Well done to all who played and we look forward to the away match at Kempston in late June.
Rink 1: Sue Pernyes, , and [9] Alan Ratcliffe [14]
Rink 2: Geoffrey Elliman, Chris Jalland, Judy Hicks and Adge Smith [9] Derek Richards [5]
Rink 3: Sue Pernyes, , and Judy Hicks [15] Alan Ratcliffe [11]
Rink 4: Geoffrey Elliman, Chris Jalland, and Adge Smith [17] Derek Richards [3]

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May 24, 2019
Eagles at home to Kingsthorpe

It was a great afternoon and everything was very close at the half-way break. However, Kingsthorpe came back strongly to take victory by a margin of 107-73, winning on 5 rinks with one rink drawn.

Rink 1: Doug Crane, Brenda Clarke, Carol Kershaw and Brian Gelder [12] Dave Sergeant [20]
Rink 2: Rosemary Dunkley, Guifang Wright, Margaret Jones and Chris Jalland [18] Bob Brown [20]
Rink 3: Sue Davis, Ian Davis, Mary Gillard and Sue Pernyes [9] Mike White [17]
Rink 4: Grahame Akers, Joe Heagren, Shirley Shucksmith and Judy Hicks [9] Brian Kaye [21]
Rink 5: Barbara Jalland, Rod Clarke, Sylvia Hatfield and Adge Smith [15] George Clifton [15]
Rink 6: Susan Rumsey, Ron Rumsey, Mike Taylor and John Dunkley [10] Ron Everson-Watts [14]

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May 21, 2019
Daventry Falcons triumph over Kingsthorpe Red

Another excellent match to watch with Daventry Falcons winning easily over Kingsthorpe Red in their first match of the season by 8 points to 0 (2 points per game win). All bowlers played excellently to win comfortably over Kingsthorpe and look forward to the return match away to Kingsthorpe where they hope to repeat the results of this match. Well done to all.
Rink 1: Geoff Smith, , and [14] G. Clifton [7]
Rink 2: Louise Hopkins, Shirley Shucksmith, Kip Frankson and Terry Fuller [12] M. White [4]
Rink 3: Louise Hopkins, , and Geoff Smith [13] G. Clifton [6]
Rink 4: Shirley Shucksmith, Kip Frankson, and Terry Fuller [9] M White [5]

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Daventry Kestrels just lose to Bedford Roses

This was an excellent match to watch with each game having only one score draw on each result. Carol Kershaw played an excellent singles match against a young bowler losing only by one score draw. The triples match came down to the last end with Bedford Roses only just winning with one score draw. All of the team played very well with the outcome being 5 points to 3 (2 points per win and 1 point per draw) in favour of Bedford Roses but the score draw difference only being 32 to 31 shots in Bedfords favour. The team look forward to the return match at Daventry at the back end of June where they hope to reverse the outcome. Well done to all.
Rink 1: Carol Kershaw, , and [8] C Beard [9]
Rink 2: Chris Jalland, Judy Hicks, Brian Gelder and Adge Smith [7] N McKinnley [6]
Rink 3: Carol Kershaw, , and Brian Gelder [9] C Beard [9]
Rink 4: Chris Jalland, Judy Hicks, and Adge Smith [7] N McKinnley [8]

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Daventry Eagles win against Kingsthorpe Blue

A close match with the Eagles winning overall by 6 points to 2, (2 points for each game won). Tony Dicks only just lost his singles match to a National bowler Stuart Thomas but had his revenge in the pairs match with Brenda Bishop winning comfortably 15 shots to 8. The Fours match was won easily 12 pints to 2 but they had a harder game against Kingsthorpe Blue winning 8 points to 6. Well done to all on a hard fought match.
Rink 1: Tony Dicks, , and [11] [13]
Rink 2: Vicki Worthington, Brenda Bishop, John Worthington and Mick Worthington [12] [2]
Rink 3: Brenda Bishop, , and Tony Dicks [15] [8]
Rink 4: Vicki Worthington, John Worthington, and Mick Worthington [8] [6]

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