December 14, 2018
Daventry v Rugby Thornfield 54-55

It was disappointing that the Daventry Ladies lost to Rugby by 1 shot, but the teams all enjoyed their afternoon. We have a rematch in January, so let’s hope we will be in fighting form and can reverse the result! The highest Winning rink was awarded to Hazel Wallace, Vicki Worthington and Barbara Oliver. br />Rink 1: , and [0] [0]
Rink 3: Janet Collins, Carol Houghton and Judy Hicks [8] P Dahlgren [33]
Rink 4: Hazel Wallage, Vicki Worthington and Barbara Oliver [28] C Ryan [17]
Rink 5: Julie Spreadbury, Jill Welch and Shirley Shucksmith [18] P Schofield [15]

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December 8, 2018
Daventry v Welford-upon-Avon 54 – 101

The Daventry Ladies were immediately at a disadvantage being forced to play all four rinks away. The Ladies can all be proud of their efforts, but our luck just ran out and the better team won on the day. Welford is wished all the best in the next round.

Rink 1: Donna Hooper, Judy Fenton, and Joan Watts [9] [27]
Rink 2: Vicki Worthington, Angelina Johnstone, Helen Humphris and Brenda Bishop [11] L Smith14 [24]
Rink 3: Sue Yates, Gill Wykes, Jill Welch and Vicki Rushall [14] Y Ace [21]
Rink 4: Jeanette Taylor, Janet Collins, Mary Gillard and Margaret Daynes [0] [0]

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December 2, 2018
Daventry Eagles win at home against Greyfriars 104-99

Daventry Eagles played at home on Saturday in a club friendly game against Greyfriars bowls Club from Coventry. After a good start Daventry took the lead. Greyfriars put up a good fight and at half time the scores had changed several times however the home team ended up with three winning rinks and winning the overall game by just 5 shots. Captain John Sach presented the highest winning rink to Grahame Akers, Rosemary Dunkley, David Chambers and John Dunkley the skip.
Rink 1: John Shanahan, Trevor Wright, Jennie Mercer and Judy Hicks [10] Johnny Johnson [25]
Rink 2: Janet Collins, Phillip Silk-Neilsen, Chris Jalland and John Sach [10] Chris Overton [23]
Rink 3: Grahame Akers, Rosemary Dunkley, David Chambers and John Dunkley [25] Mike Jackson [6]
Rink 4: Barbara Jalland, Sylvia Hatfield, Doug Crane and Norman Langdon [23] Ian Oliver [8]
Rink 5: Brian Robbins, Angelina Johnstone, Ian Reid-Jones and Brian Gelder [18] Ian Bassnet [16]
Rink 6: Andy Perrin, Guifang Wright, Jo Reid-Jones and Peter Mercer [18] George Palmer [21]

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Wessex league vs Kingsthorpe lost 46 – 108

Rink 1: Tony Dicks, John Worthington, Brian Gelder and Mick Worthington [10] [29]
Rink 2: Patrick Clerkin, Kip Frankson, B Spreadbury and Michael Moulton [12] [29]
Rink 3: Ray Rumble, Daryl Hill, Brian Jones and Brian Scott [10] [23]
Rink 4: Geoffrey Elliman, Mick Isom, R Humphreys and Peter C Dymond [14] [27]

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County league vs Wellingborough lost 33 – 42

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November 27, 2018
Daventry Over 60’s A vs Welford A lost 34-38

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Daventry Over 60’s B Team vs Rugby B lose 18-52

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November 26, 2018
Daventry Eagles lose at Home against Northampton & District 86-113

The Eagles warmly welcomed Northampton & District on Saturday. It was a really exciting game with the result changing several times, However Northampton & District just took the lead and Daventry couldn't catch them. Highest winning rink was skip Brian Gelder with Jennie Mercer and Hazel Wallage.
Rink 1: Hazel Wallage, Jennie Mercer and Brian Gelder [18] Ian [8]
Rink 2: Doug Crane, Chris Jalland and John Sach [12] Reg Jones [25]
Rink 3: Brian Robbins, Mary Gillard and Adge Smith [19] Neville [17]
Rink 4: Barbara Jalland, Norman Langdon and Peter Mercer [15] Ray [23]
Rink 5: Andy Perrin, Sue Pernyes and Judy Hicks [14] John [21]
Rink 6: Angelina Johnstone, Jack Brown and Alan Davies [8] Mick [19]

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Wessex League v Church Gresley Daventry lose 63-106

After a slow start Pete Dymond’s team which included Malcolm Foster, Mick Worthington and Kip Frankson managed our only win from 1-6 down they eventually went on to win 25-16. Church Gresley secured comfortable wins in both matches at home and Daventry.

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November 22, 2018
Daventry v Avon Valley 65 – 33

What an excellent afternoon for the Daventry Ladies beating Avon Valley
65 – 33. Captain Margaret Daynes didn’t play this time as Avon Valley were unable to bring enough ladies to play 4 rinks, so she sat and watched her team romp to victory. Thank you ladies, a great win.
Rink 1: Hazel Wallage, Vicki Worthington and Rhona Holland [19] M Eaton [14]
Rink 2: Janet Collins, Susan Rumsey and Shirley Shucksmith [25] W Jeffs [8]
Rink 3: Chris Cross, Jill Welch and Judy Hicks [21] W Jackson [11]
Rink 4: , and [0] [0]

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