April 23, 2018
County Final Wins For Daventry!

Ladies Triples

Julie Spreadbury, Joan Watts &Vicki Rushall, Daventry IBC beat Jean Burgess, Alison Dring & Tina Broderick, Wellingborough BC 16-7 shots.

This contest was between very experienced players from both clubs and was always going to be well contested, and for the first 8 ends it certainly was, with Wellingborough having the advantage of a 4-2 lead early on and then being just 5-6 down at this 8 end stage.  Daventry won the next 3 ends to increase their lead to 11-5, and after dropping a single on the 12th end, they then won another 3 ends on the trot with 5 more shots added to their total for a pretty convincing 16-6 lead, and when Tina and her triple could pick up just 1 shot on the next end they conceded the victory to Daventry.


John Worthington, Patrick Clerkin,Tony Dicks & Mick Worthington, Daventry IBC beat Mick Richardson, John Churchman, Bob Care & John Baggat, Kingsthorpe BC 22-18 shots.

The players on this rink had a vast amount of experience, and a match between the 2 rinks was expected to be keenly contested, and so it was. After 4 ends of play the scores were level, and although they were never tying again, there was scarcely more than a shot or 2 between them for the next few ends with the score being just 1 shot in favour of Daventry at 13-12 after 13 ends of play.
Mick and his men then started to increase their lead in taking 7 shots to just 1 conceded, to be in a fairly comfortable position at 20-13, with 2 ends left, but one can never be complacent in this game and Kingsthorpe showed why as they picked up a big count of 5 shots to give themselves a fighting chance on the last end. That last end was keenly contested but Daventry were able to take it, and the victory with it.

Report – Thanks to John Church.

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