May 10, 2018
Announcing the Implant Trophy Thursday 6th September 2018

This new trophy will be played for during an internal match on Thursday 6th September 2018 starting at 2pm. Teams will be drawn on the day for the match, with the format being defined by the number of bowlers attending, so please add your names to the list when it is displayed on the noticeboard. Team Captains for the day are Jacqui Lancaster & Ray Dawson.

As the trophy’s name suggest there is an essential qualification for bowlers to play in the match and that is they must have had a surgical implant of some type. This includes, but is not limited to, hips, knees, shoulders, eyes, pacemakers, and any other part of the human body that can be replaced by an implant except teeth.

The match will be played over 18 ends, with tea/coffee and biscuits served at halftime. There will also be a raffle with the proceeds going to a yet to be decided local charity.

Lets hope a fun afternoon is the eventual winner.

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