July 5, 2019
Monday Night League Proposal

At the first meeting of the Bowling Committee on 20th June the following proposal was submitted for consideration:


Over the past few years the number of teams entering the winter Monday night rinks has declined to an all time low. Only 6 teams entered last year.

The proposal is that the rinks be replaced by a 2-wood “triples”. In all other respects the format of play would remain the same. 

I would like to make a rider that “the triples would allow 2’s to go to the head in order to assist and learn about reading the heads”.

It is considered that:

1. By limiting the squad sizes to 4 members this would release players to increase the number of teams entering and improve the quality and depth of competition.

2. The target of having all the rinks full i.e. 12 teams would significantly increase income for the club.

3. Bar takings would no doubt improve and keep Keith Lancaster busier than of late.

A decision on this is required by the 1st August in order to set things in motion for the coming season. The Bowling Committee will be meeting this day.

If any member has a strong objection to this change or suggestions please email Brian Scott scott853@btinternet.com


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