August 3, 2019

Following the proposal to replace Monday night rinks with a 2 wood triples, a survey was taken of over 40 playing members.  The survey extended consideration to a 3 wood triples.  The results of the survey were overwhelmingly in support of “triples” in either format.  However, the favoured first choice was for the 2 wood by a clear majority.

At yesterday’s Bowling Committee meeting the decision was taken, for the coming winter season, to replace Monday night rinks with a 2 wood triples.

The format will be:

          2 wood triples.

          Squad size – min. of 4, max. of 5.

          2 sets of 9 ends with a final end decider.

          2’s up.

          Rink fee will be £3 per player.

It is recognised there will be disruption to existing squads but hopefully players will support this move, create additional teams and reach out and encourage other members to join them.

We trust your Monday evenings will be more enjoyable!

Bowling Committee

2nd August, 2019


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