June 1, 2020

Everyone will be aware that there is still no indication of when and how we can open the Club. Government information at the moment is centred around outdoor activities with strong commercial interests. Nevertheless, there are guidelines for outdoor bowling, so we can guess that at best we will be constrained by these strict distancing rules.
In the meantime, we have shut down all unnecessary services to minimise costs. We estimate the running costs are about £400/month. We are not paying Business Rates and we are still waiting on a special grant.
At the same time, we are trying to ensure we are in a ‘near ready to go’ state, and would hope to be open quite quickly once we are given the go ahead. To this end thorough spring cleaning is in progress. In addition, the club is visited weekly to ascertain any maintenance issues needing attention, to test the Fire and Emergency systems, and to ensure we are acting in accordance with our insurance requirements.
A small amount of improvement work is ongoing:
– ground in front of the car park; rearrangement and installation of additional men’s lockers; additional notice facilities in the foyer.
Clearly, we will need a tight rein on the operation and use of the Club when we open, but once the framework is in place the major responsibilities will lie with you, our members. The Directors have a duty of care to all members and will be relying on everyone to obey the social distancing instructions, but the Board will be relying on you to take the matter seriously and immediately remind others if they are not.
Currently we do not anticipate the Club opening during the summer but, as you all know, things change daily.


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