June 15, 2020

Given that the majority of our members are in the ‘clinically vulnerable’ group and many of their partners are in the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ group it is difficult to gauge how many will want to come to the club until the virus is firmly under control. Clearly, members will have to make their own assessment of the risk and the effect of significant restrictions which will be in place for many months. Given this, we believe initial demand will be low. We have decided it is timely to consider the way forward. The major considerations are to accommodate the essentials of the Government guidelines and instructions whilst keeping in mind our Duty of Care to the members.

In particular, we need to consider:
• Hand sanitization
• Distancing
• Minimising unintended interactions by controlling numbers
• Who can play with whom

We have decided on a very cautious beginning:
• All members to be accommodated
• Non-members not allowed in the club except for essential carers
• No stewards, except for opening and closing
• Casual bowling only
• No access to the club unless you are bowling. You are only allowed in 10 minutes before bowling begins and you must leave within 10 minutes of the end of the session. Socialising is not allowed.
• Monday to Friday, 2 sessions per day. Three rinks with staggered start times of ½ hour from 9.30 a.m, 2 hour sessions, a gap of ½ hour between sessions, maximum of 4 players per rink (maybe 2).
• Facilities will be restricted. Toilets will be available and maybe changing rooms. Nothing else.
• Pre-booking by phone required and no booking facility in the club
• Payment by cash in envelopes
• Extensive signage
• Hand sanitization stations and daily touchpoint cleaning

The following are still under consideration:
• On line booking system
• Cashless payment

We will also be keeping our eye on developments, in particular:
• Future Government instructions, which we must obey
• EIBA Guidelines, which we must consider

To keep the members in touch we intend to publish the following but this will not be until the future is more certain:
• Announcement of opening
• Booking Instructions
• Playing Instructions
• Opening Instructions
• Closing Instructions
• Touch point cleaning instructions


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