August 3, 2020

The EIBA has agreed specific guidelines with the Government. This confirms that indoor bowls can start from 25 July. This is encouraging, but it must be kept in kind that the Government can change this at any time in an instant.
Given the uncertainty of the spread and control of the virus, it is by no means easy to decide the next step forward. The majority of our members are in the clinically vulnerable group and many, or their partners, are in the extremely clinically vulnerable group.
It is not for the Directors to decide in general how people behave, but they are legally responsible for Heath & Safety and have a Duty of Care to all members. As individuals we have to consider whether it is morally acceptable to enable the members to put themselves at what many may consider to be an unnecessary risk, and to put other volunteers/stewards at even greater risk.
It must be understood that the only “no risk” situation is that we do not open. Therefore, anyone attending the club must recognize there is risk and take full responsibility for their own safety.
We have canvassed the stewards and, in general, they are willing to assist. Given this commitment we have decided to set a provisional opening date of Monday, 31 August.
All measures, training procedures, signage, cleaning etc. will be put in place in the next few weeks and we will be operating strictly within the EIBA guidelines (see http://www.eiba.co.uk/news/2020/returning-to-indoor-bowls-guidance.pdf)
A decision to proceed, or not, will be made on 24 August.
When we decide to open we will mail full details of how to access the club and how to play to all members in the week before opening.


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