October 1, 2020

The September opening trial has been a success. It is intended that as of the 12 October there will be additional opportunities to bowl.

On Mondays we are opening an additional session from 1500 – 1700.
Tuesdays will remain as it is
Wednesdays and Fridays will mirror Tuesdays, 3 sessions in total
Thursdays will remain the same
Saturday will have an addition of 1230 – 1430 session.

As of 1 November the club will open for 4 sessions a day, Monday to Friday. Saturday will have the normal two sessions and Sunday will open for the 0930-1130 session. The start and end of sessions will vary by 15 minutes due to getting the 4 sessions in, so do take note of the revised times.

Leagues and Competitions are planned for November and details of both with be out very shortly so that you can put your entry forms in. Both league and competition forms will be uploaded to the web by the end of the week so that you can draw them down yourself, however copies of both entry forms will be available in the club.

Now as there has been a lot of voices raising concerns that they are unable to bowl, with the additional sessions being provided in October and a full programme in November consequently this will mean we need more stewards. Each session will require a steward and although we have a number of our regulars who are willing to help out, there is a need for more otherwise we will need to close down planned sessions.

If we don’t have any more stewards then some sessions will close. If we get more stewards but there are no bookings for set sessions then to reduce heating and lighting costs we will close down the sessions, so two things, book yourself into bowl and volunteer as a steward, once a week (or less) would be great. Contact Trevor Taylor on 01327 872128 or 07547760138 regarding stewarding.


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