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Ian Weaver

Team Membership:

Member of Team F (Rumble, Ray) in Mens Triples on Wednesday at 9:30 during the Winter 2019/2020 season

League Results

League: Mens Triples, Wednesday 9:30

Total Games: 5, W: 2, T: 0, L: 3, Shots For: 48, Against: 66

League Lifetime

 GamesW-T-LShots ForShots Against
Summer Leagues00-0-0
Winter Leagues7323-3-477721043
All Leagues7323-3-477721043

Club Games

Total Games: 2, Individual Rink: W:1 L:1 T:0 - HWR: 1 - Club: W:1 L:1 T:0

Representative Games

Total Games: 0, Individual Rink: W:0 L:0 T:0 - HWR: 0 - Club: W:0 L:0 T:0


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